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25th October 2010
by Charlie
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We do a lot of research of other chalets and other accommodation to help us improve your stay at Chalet Minouchet. In the run up to the Winter season there is a lot of marketing activity going on in the National press and we have been looking at the associated websites for the chalets and apartments advertised. One thing united them all. Be they super cheap or mega expensive every single one, without fail, advertised that they had an iPod dock.

So, not to be outdone or left behind technologically we have added an iPod dock to our facilities. It now has pride of place in the living room next to the TV ready to charge your iPod or iPhone and provide you with musical delight during your stay.

Great though this is, it is not the only thing that will be different for the Winter Season 2010-11. We will be bringing more improvements to the Chalet over the coming weeks and hope that they will make your winter break better than ever.

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